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It is a pleasure, and we are grateful, to help such wonderful people!

We are currently booked out 21 to 31 days depending on your zip code (plus bad weather days and holidays).

Yard & Landscape Bed Cleanup: leaf, stick, acorn, gumball, walnuts, pods, needles, cones

Yard & Landscape Bed Work: planting, pruning, weeding, shrub trimming, shrub removal, tree trimming, small tree removal

Why do we exist?

To Help Others

What do we do?

We help Johnson County's older adults with residential grounds maintenance.

Why is our name Help From "A Friend"?

The values of "A Friend" most closely reflect the values of our company and how we behave.

Guiding Principles:

Build Long-Term Relationships

Driven By Helping Others, Not Money

Set An Example, Show The Way A Business Should Be

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